23+ of the best marketing books in 2021

23+ of the best marketing books in 2021.

Marketing books are experiencing their second birth in 2021. The art of selling and representing a product or service in the market is becoming more and more necessary. Why? Let’s understand analyzing our top consisting of the best books on marketing.

Marketing Books. Which ones to read and which ones to skip?

Despite the fact that in the case of books on marketing all the same traditional rule of twenty pages applies, do not hurry to reject each of the books that you do not like for the first ten minutes of reading. And here’s why.

Despite the fact that books on marketing are now enjoying increasing popularity, knowledge relating to the part of the strategy and strategy in brand positioning, building sales and a set of measures to promote a product or service is still quite specific. If before the moment you have never encountered marketing, then at the first time to absorb Philip Kotler with his basic works unlikely to work.

That’s why we have collected in our selection of books, which combined the ease of presentation with the usefulness and relevance of the information contained in them. That’s why the question in the title is: «which ones to read and which ones to skip?» doesn’t matter anymore — read all, because we have tried to select only those that will be really useful to you.

Although, if the rule of twenty pages cradles you in every two books on marketing, then maybe it’s just not the time yet when you need to read them :).

The ten Best Marketing Books in 2021.

The list below we have tried to collect the best books on marketing, which may not necessarily have been written or published in 2021, but it is very relevant here and now.

1. “On the Hook,” Nir Eyal.

A podcast with a short book summary «On The Hook»

👋 «On The Hook» — A book on how «to hook» of the user to a particular product or service. It’s not mysticism or some arcane knowledge — it’s a certain set of actions and rules that if you follow , you’ll never be without customers.

2. “Predictable Irrationality,” Dan Ariely.

A podcast with a short book summary «Predictable Irrationality»

👋 «Predictable Irrationality» — a book for those who are thinking about pursuing an MBA for the first time — Master of Business Administration. Here, in a couple of evenings, you’ll learn what to фокус on first in an existing business or just in its initial planning. We’ve tried to squeeze everything you need into six hundred seconds.

3. “The Pumpkin Method,” Mike Mickalowitz.

A podcast of the book’s short «The Pumpkin Method»

👋 «The Pumpkin Way» — a book from the man who gave the world «Startup without a budget», taught all startupers not to waste money at random, to disengage from smoothies and longboards. Now he decided to talk to us about how important it is to фокус on what you do and what is imperative to find something that will set you apart from all the other competitors.

4. “Customers for Life,” Carl Sewell.

A podcast with a short book summary «Clients for Life»

👋 «Clients for Life» — this is a book from a man who made a $10 million 高 from Chinese to English business and later grew it twenty five times over…

5. “Elasticity,” Leonard Mlodinow.

This book isn’t purely about marketing, but a marketer can’t do without it…

A podcast with a summary of the book «Elasticity. Flexible thinking in an era of change»

👋 Mlodinov very coolly lays out everything about the programmatic, analytical, and elastic method of information processing. Also explains why it’s time to be elastic. Tried to squeeze it all into a half an hour review.

6. “Blue Ocean Strategy,” Kim Chan.

A podcast with a short summary of the book «Blue Ocean Strategy»

👋 «Blue Ocean Strategy» — the story of how to find your place in the market correctly, quickly and without too much effort. The story of how pleasant and healthy to exist in the most beautiful, warm and pleasant «blue ocean». As opposed to «reddish» where everything is swarming with sharks, and it’s not very pleasant.

7. “Microtrends,” Mark Penn.

Wow, what a book! Not just about marketing, but in general about how trends are formed that will become phenomena tomorrow.

Podcast with a summary of the book «Microtrends»

👋 For thirty six minutes in review in «10 Facts, Three Tasks from a Fascinating Book» you’ll learn how to live to be 100, why quinoa sells $120 million a year, what to do about marriage, who the social millionaires are, and how to get rid of digital addiction… It’s all in the book «Microtrends».

8. “Without Thinking,” Harry Beckwith.

Harry’s a borderline psychology-marketing know-it-all. That’s why his book about the hidden forces that make us take will still be relevant ten or fifty years after it was written. After all, the mental motives for action in the mind of each individual are still the same. If you want to save time, you can read Harry Beckwith’s «Without Thinking» in our project «10 Facts. #171; Three Tasks». Or watch the video: