“FARMER WANTS A WIFE” Former O.C. resident Br ke Ward and Farmer Matt seem to be in opposie parts regarding the spectrum in The CW’s reality show.

“FARMER WANTS A WIFE” Former O.C. resident Br ke Ward and Farmer Matt seem to be in opposie parts regarding the spectrum in The CW’s reality show.

Uncover what happened on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’

DOING THE FARM THING Former Huntington Beach resident Br ke Ward participates within The CW’s truth show “Farmer desires a Wife.”

Oh, exactly what a morning that is beautiful. Oh, exactly what a stunning time. We’ve got a beautiful feeling everything’s going Farmer Matt’s method.

Most likely, he’s still got eight breathtaking gals – their word for the city slickers vying for their heart – in their reality TV show henhouse once the episode that is third of Wants A Wife” gets under means regarding the CW system on Wednesday night.

Bad girl Josie Goldberg – Orange County’s very own potty-mouthed diva – got the b t last week now we’re right down to our final home woman, Br ke Ward, one of two self-professed virgins in the show.

And let us inform you, one other women – Farmer Matt’s other term of option – are becoming mighty ticked off during the g d-girl game being played by Br ke and her other virgin Lisa.

At a party that is quilting one of the townswomen asks if any of the gals are developing feelings for Matt, and undoubtedly, Br ke allows as to just how this woman is.

“So far, from exactly what I’ve seen, we seem to have a lot in keeping,” replies Br ke, who until recently lived in Huntington Beach.

Which prompts New York City Christa – picking right on up the swearing where Josie left off – to show Br ke her finger that is middle. Or even how to wear a thimble that is quilting it was hard to make sure considering that the community blurred it out.

“They keep calling me personally things behind my back,” Br ke later confesses to the digital camera. “I’m able to only imagine the things that are wonderful saying now.”

You don’t need to imagine, Br ke! We’ve got the nonvirgins on videotape out in the porch. Let’s listen in!

“She’s immature, naive and a dumbass,” claims one of Br ke.

“She’s simply dumb as stones,” claims the gal that is next.

“She’s simply dumb,” adds the last.

No, really, ladies, reveal what you think!

Farmer Matt shows up and tells the gals its tractor-driving time, which means Virgin Lisa places on her behalf high heel shoes. It’s a challenge – the champion gets immunity – while the women are asked to load bales of hay on their tractors and battle to your bean industry with them.

“I’ve never had the chance to see eight ladies on tractors,” Farmer Matt informs us as he scratches yet another farm boy wish down their list. “That ended up being pretty neat!”

It’s a close race with Br ke and Krista with a K head-to-head until Krista loses a bale and has now to go back – Br ke wins immunity, the virgin scores!

“She’s definitely someone I’d prefer to see stick around for awhile,” Farmer Matt claims of Br ke. “You did a kick-ass job.”

24 hours later we have an organization date, and by we, we mean Farmer Matt and their eight https://datingmentor.org/pl/recon-recenzja/ bikini-clad wives-to-be mind down seriously to the pond for a picnic plus some splashing around. Farmer Matt really manages to hit Krista by having a K by having a stick during one game, and feels mighty bad about this.

Yet not so bad her out on the individual date that he asks. That honor would go to “Miss Amanda … she’s a wonderful small doll,” as Farmer Matt describes her.

Krista having a K gets her reward several scenes later on when the Quilt Lady turns up and embroiders the name of the gal become eradicated – hers, it ends up – onto an excellent bit of farm-wife needlework.

Matt attempts to console her and explain himself “You can throw a hog, catch a chicken … but I can’t tell me,” he says if you’re attracted to. And that’s her fault, Farmer Matt?

As she gets all weepy, he begins in t , and you also think this will be probably just how he sniffled and moped as he had to view their very first 4-H hog meet the butcher.

But he benefits up whenever Amanda occurs on a date – dinner with mom and pop music – and s n after a little front-seat pickup truck make-out session. Man, farm living is the full life for him!

Br ke and Lisa – virginal girl that is g d apart – later slip out of our home after all of the other girls fall asleep (exhausted by each of their bad girl ways?) and go a-stalkin’ Farmer Matt, driving to their household after finding his address for a mag kept at their house.

Yeah, it was kinda creepy, that bit.

He’s nice to them, however, and talks a spell regarding the porch, before giving Br ke a hug.

Driving home they wonder if child did a negative, bad thing

“OK, are we screwed for that? Are we completely screwed?” one asks one other. As well as the answer, needless to say, is ….