Toyota Yaris 2015 White

Toyota Yaris 2015 White
Toyota Yaris 2015 White
But in our opinion, small cars are not the main strong point of Toyota. Memories of the Toyota Prius C come to mind, the report on which we published in one of our reviews. A machine comparable in size to the Yaris had a lot of flaws. And despite being stuffed with advanced technologies and a hybrid power plant, our conclusion was unambiguous, not to buy. Whether to repeat this conclusion after communicating with Yaris, read on.
The biggest change to the Yaris is its appearance. New bumpers at the front and rear give it a sportier look when compared to the previous model. The front of the car looks like it was wearing a wrestler’s mask, foreshadowing the future of the Yaris. The 2015 Yaris is currently the most aggressive-looking Yaris of the past years (you can see how the Yaris looked earlier in our comparison of this model to the Honda Fit).
Unfortunately, this aggression refers only to the appearance of the car, since its power plant has hardly changed. That means you get a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual gearbox (if you’re not already aware of how it works, this is your place) or an optional four-speed automatic (last century!). Toyota Yaris 2015 White
Official figures show that the average fuel consumption of a car is 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers. We had the opportunity to test the car in heavy city traffic, the consumption was 10 liters per 100 kilometers. Throttle and drivetrain responsiveness is surprisingly good. Yaris responds well to the movement of your right leg, but unfortunately quickly begins to choke. Driving on the highway will be a big challenge for the power plant of the car, every time the engine reaches 3,000 rpm, the hum of an overloaded small engine becomes difficult to ignore.
Compared to other cars in the same segment as the Yaris, this model delivers a disappointingly noisy ride, even with the updated aerodynamics and additional noise insulation that Toyota has been touting.
But don’t jump to the conclusion that the Yaris is bad at everything, it’s surprisingly responsive and easy to control. It would be unfair to call it sporty, but at least you get some driving pleasure. The car’s suspension has been redesigned and Toyota has made it more resistant to body roll while maintaining a fairly smooth ride. The steering is tactile and well adjusted.
In the city, the car behaves vigorously and smartly at low speeds. It moves easily in heavy traffic and is fairly easy to park thanks to its turning radius and good visibility. Keep in mind that the turning radius increases with the size of the wheels. This is important because the base model has 15-inch steel wheels, the LE model gets 15-inch alloy wheels, while the SE model has 16-inch aluminum wheels, which makes cornering in tight spaces more problematic.
Finally, for the 2015 model, Toyota decided to freshen up the interior of the Yaris. The car looks very similar to the previous years, but you feel completely different in it, because the dashboard is now made of a soft-touch material. The SE model also gets additional dark accents alongside the leather steering wheel and gear knob.
The seats are upholstered with rough to the touch material, which is especially felt by the rear seat passengers, as their knees are likely to rub against the front seats. The cargo space is 0.44 m3.
Would we include Toyota Yaris interiors in our top 10 best car interiors? Unlikely. The interior is mediocre. It is neither good nor bad. It is budgetary, convenient and practical, that’s all there is to say about it.
Toyota turned out to be stingy with technology for the new Yaris. Cabin air conditioning is standard, but you will have to pay extra for cruise control and fog lights (which are the most important in the car, more details here). Heated seats wouldn’t be a bad option for this car, nor would a sunroof, but Toyota doesn’t think so.
All trim levels have a touchscreen audio system that looks good but doesn’t perform well. Virtual buttons are small and difficult to get into, especially during operation. In addition, a merciless rattling is heard from where the head unit is installed.
If it weren’t for Toyota’s reputation as a manufacturer of reliable and safe vehicles, we would not have considered publishing a 2015 Yaris review. Even taking into account the aforementioned fact, the lack of necessary technology and bad behavior on the track will force us to turn our attention to another car.