In the 1950s, the late P.D. Baphna was the owner of a fruit plantation. Like many others of his time, he was also one of the biggest importers of chemical fertilisers. His yields were high and his crops were healthy.

But it all changed, almost overnight, in the 1970s. His trees started dying.

P.D. Baphna approached a lot of agricultural universities for help, but to no avail. And just when all seemed lost, he made a simple, life-altering decision. He decided to let nature take its own course. He surrendered his farm to the wisdom of nature.

It was then that the story of Aatmann truly began.

It took Baphna ji somewhere between 7 to 10 years to completely transition into natural farming. He was aided in his efforts by his sons. And from the year 1978, the farm once again started recovering and growing abundantly.

It was right after this that Baphna Ji received the Krishi Ratna Award. Tragically, he lost both his sons. In a singular show of strength and determination, he continued running the farm on his own.

The farm continued to grow and gain recognition, both across the country and internationally.

On 3rd August 1998, this visionary left the world.

Today, his grandsons – Ajay & Anand carry on his legacy.


In the 1980s, Baphna Ji was conferred the Krishi Ratna award. He is also a recipient of the Krishi Bhushan Award. The farm has received visits from scientists, dignitaries, government officials, politicians, environmentalists, agriculture university experts & foreign students from across the world and has been praised by all of them. Among them was none other than Masanobu Fukuoka, the scientist regarded as the Father of Natural Farming whose teachings had led Baphna Ji to where he was. He conferred the greatest honour possible to Baphna Ji by calling him the Grandfather of Natural Farming.


Aatmann, as it stands today, is a result of the hard work, determination and a fierce love for nature, of one man – the late P.D. Baphna.

Aatman Living is a loving and admiring grandson Ajay Baphna’s tribute to him on his birth centenary. There is nothing that the late P.D. Baphna wanted more than having more people experience the natural way of life.

Aatmann Living is a hopeful first step in this direction.

P.D. Baphna

The late P.D. Baphna or Babuji as he was called by everyone around him, was a firm believer in the philosophy that humans must grow with nature. Nicknamed ‘The Grandfather of Natural Farming’ by none other than Masanobu Fukuoka, the scientist regarded as the Father of Natural Farming, he was also a recipient of the Krishi Ratna & Krishi Bhushan awards among many others.

Our Philosophy

At Aatmann, we firmly believe in the principle of self-sufficiency. Most of what we use on our plants is made on the farm. For instance, we make our own vermicompost, as well as. And also the sprays we use on our trees to induce growth, to ward off infection and help them remain healthy.
What we do not believe in demanding too much of Nature to a point that she is left exhausted. So we prioritise quality over quantity and cater only to a few like-minded families. We always put a fair price on things, while incurring a marginal profit, because we want to do our best, not just for our consumers but for everyone who has helped our produce and products reach their tables.

Our Values

Promoting a natural lifestyle

We want more people to experience the benefits of a natural lifestyle and how it can positively impact not just nature but your mind, body and soul.

With utmost respect for nature

With the founding philosophy of From Nature, With Nature, we at Aatmann believe in promoting a healthy and respectful attitude towards nature in all her forms.

Working with local/ tribal communities

Our community matters to us. Which is why we constantly work with local and indigenous communities and self-help groups to ensure that we all grow together.