Things to do at Aatmann

Aatmann offers a range of fun, educational or relaxing activities for you to choose from. We’ve got many things up our sleeves!

Fruit Plucking

Go around the farm with a basket and get started! Choose and pluck fresh fruits and vegetables for all your meals and let us whip something delicious up for you.

Candle light dinner in Machaan

If candlelight dinners are your thing, we have got just the thing for you. The twist? You’ll have to climb up into a treehouse. Which means the promise of a beautiful view.

Relaxing dip in the pool

A plunge pool, made up of natural tiles only, is currently under construction. We hope to have it ready in a few months, so that you and your family can cool off and relax.


In and Around Dahanu

Dahanu has a rich history of 2500 years. Home to some beautiful places – some natural, some man-made and of historical importance, it has something for everyone.

Dahanu Beach

The farm is located only 5 kms away from the commercial beach. However, at a distance of 10 kms away from the farms lies a hidden gem. A serene spot, Chikhla beach is a must-visit for anyone who wants to simple be in aa quiet place.


Dahanu boasts many trekking trails. You can trek to Bahrot Caves (the only Parsi Cave Temple in India), complete the Asherigad Fort trek or undertake the journey to Mahalaxmi Gad. All the trails promise mesmerizing and spectacular views.


One of the most sacred Mahalaxmi Temples is located in Dahanu and at a distance of merely 20 kms from the farm. 4 kms away from the farm is situated a very holy Santoshi Mata temple.