• 612 sq.ft.


For people looking to spend a considerable amount of time detoxing from city life, come down to our retreat. You can spend a weekend basking in the sun and fresh air while keeping yourselves busy around the farm. However, Aatmann Living was built with a purpose. We expect our visitors to care about the environment and to come to us with a genuine interest in learning about and living the kind of life we do.


  • King size bed
  • Kettle
  • Heater
  • Fresh milk
  • Separate WC
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Sustainable bathroom amenities
  • Fruit Basket
  • Organic Cookies
  • With our cottages, we take a step into the world of eco-luxury. Pamper yourself guilt-free, because our cottages are mostly built using natural ingredients materials and consume minimum electricity. All our amenities are carefully curated from special sources. Put your weary head to rest on pillows that have neem leaves in them to ensure a steady supply of oxygen as you sleep. Take a relaxing shower in a bathroom that is waterproofed using a mixture of methi and other plant-based substances. These are but a few of the things that make this experience so different.

  • We offer high quality natural bathroom amenities.
  • We offer high quality natural bathroom amenities.


Maa Saraswatiji goddess of wisdom , cottage & bathroom in white made with kokam wax & coconut and ananta flowerbed.


Maa Laxmiji goddess of wealth, cottage in stone layout and bathroom in turmeric base with gandharva flowerbed.


Maa parvatiji goddess of power , cottage in balinese layout and bathroom in blue cobalt dioxide ( natural mineral from odisha) with aparajita flowerbed.

Farm to table meals

Meals with us will be simple, but hearty and delicious fare. We encourage our guests to go around the farm and gather their own vegetables, pluck the fruits they want to eat and milk cows with us. They can then hand over the fresh produce to the chef. It is a different kind of joy to eat what you’ve plucked with your own hands and we want our guests to experience that. We also believe it’ll help people understand how to gather only as much as they need.

If you want to cook your own food, our chefs are more than willing to help. For those who want to hone their culinary skills – our kitchens are open to you. Many rare recipes have been passed down the Baphna family, and maybe you could leave with a new trick or two up your sleeve?


Things to do at Aatmann

Aatmann offers a range of fun, educational or relaxing activities for you to choose from. We’ve got many things up our sleeves!

Fruit plucking

Dinner in Machaan

Mahalakshmi Temple

Dinner in Machaan