Classes Without Walls

We all know that learning in a classroom is ultimately, fairly boring. Aatmann learning promises you fresh air, lots of sunlight and lessons from Nature herself.


Programmes for University Students

Most agricultural courses taught in universities focus on theory. But all theory and no practice does not amount to a holistic education. So if you’re a university student or professor who’s looking to put into practice what you’ve learnt or to learn more, get in touch with us. Come down, roll up your sleeves and get some dirt on yourselves.
You’ll get lots of experience, great teachers and of course, a certificate.

All Year round

Day-Long Visits for School Students

Children are the future, so who better to talk to about natural farming than them? At Aatmann, we host day-long visits from schools in groups. The point of these visits is to teach kids about a natural lifestyle and natural farming minus the boring blackboard, out in the fresh air and the sun.